one of my favourite messages to get from someone is them telling me they are listening to a playlist I made. my friends' favs are: best of 2017, pumpkin spice latte, bangers & bops.
it makes me smile so much <3 <3 <3

here are my top 10

modern pop / indie / rock

perfect for the office, a chilled home hang, or sippin some vino in the park!

The Best of the Best

industry & normal people alike dig this one. a lot.
how it came about (and the 2018 one, that is out now) >>

Drivin' the I-55

we've been on the run driving in the sun looking out for number one ♫

Autumnal Perfection

big teacups, blankets & bae • acoustic autumn has arrived
read about what inspired this playlist >>

bangers & bops

wintertime happiness • it's like lana del rey in reverse

Summertime Sadness

and let's make Lana proud; sad yet hopeful and bright summer tunes

millennials. ugh.

from the 'Everything I Hate About Millennials' party

soundtrack of '09

cos why not


for when you've just about had enough

cheers, I'll drink to that

cos ain't no party like a champagne party