I got a message from my friend the other day that went something along these lines: 

"I would like to improve my writing in English and in general, do you have any recommendations for me? Reading, apps, tips, whatever".

My job has always including writing, and I've also written for myself since I remember. I have now published who knows how many pieces across multiple domains, and over the years picked up a thing or two about writing. 

So when my friend asked the floodgates just opened and I couldn't stop hammering on the keyboard until everything I had to say about writing was on the page in front of me.

What was literally supposed to be a 'let me get my thoughts in order to reply thoughtfully to my friend', ended up being not just one blogpost, but a three-piece series I'm so excited to finally share, titled Writing About Writing.

Part I grounds the series, and is aimed at a person who wants to write or is new to writing. It's about noticing when you get inspired, to pay attention to what you want to write about, but also recognising if your ideas should get shared with the world.

Part II is the post I really care about, it's about the process and it's about accepting that the process is long and hard and you will suck but then also you can get it done and it will be worthwhile. 

The tools inevitably become a part of the process, but I didn't want them to distract from the message in part II. That's why the tools I use get their own place in part III.

I hope you like it and/or find it helpful. If you do, feel free to find me on the internet and tell me exactly what you think.