Hey. It's me. I'm sharing links and lists to my favourite things, in hopes it may be of use or entertainment to you as we are all being good citizens staying home. Expect lots of music and book recommendations, and maybe some of my longer-writing pieces. Hope you enjoy <3 


I would love to be the kind of person who just presses play on the top playlist Spotify shows me that day, but no. I'm way too picky with what I want to listen to so I've always ended up making my own playlists.

My general style is pretty accessible if slightly eclectic. Any of these should be suitable for work but I love putting little random songs in there like why not the song from Mulan. Over the years people have started following my playlists or ask me for links, so here they all are.


I put this three-part series together when a friend asked me for some tips on writing. I couldn't adequately explain myself over just the message to her, so my writing recommendations ended up becoming this series.

It's meant a lot to me to see the kind of feedback it gets, even that it's helping my friends to write more. I hope you reading this now find it to be worth your while. 

The three parts cover how to get ideas, what's my process, and the tools to use.

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